Welcome to SIA Scandinavian Ship Services !

SIA Scandinavian Ship Services was founded in year 2001 and the idea of it is to cooperate to shipowners, from the various countries, in the matter of supplying them with high-qualified sea-staff personnel. Company is based in Liepaja, LATVIA. The city of Liepaja has a rich maritime history due to its geographical location. The growing and development of Port of Liepaja, Maritime Education Establishment-Maritime College of Liepaja, enormous number of seamen in Latvia, closeness to Maritime Regions as well as Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, with its seamen resources and, of course the general knowledge about their culture, language, customs - all this factors create possibility to select the personnel among huge number of candidates.

Please have a look into our homepage and see if we can satisfy your needs of the high-qualified personnel.